"Arte et Marte"
"By Skill and by Fighting"

RCEME Corporal Welcomes the Pope

On the 27th of July, Pope Francis was welcomed to the Citadel of Quebec City by the Governor General and other dignitaries. Among the members of the Pope’s Guard of Honour was Cpl Zachariah (Makoyi’nitsitsikin) White Elk, a Materials Technician with 5 Service Battalion, Valcartier and a proud member of the Blackfoot Nation. Corporal White Elk carried the Canadian Forces Eagle Staff.

The Eagle Staff is a unique, sacred symbol that represents traditional Indigenous culture and clans. It is used at ceremonies and celebratory functions, much like a nation’s flag. The Canadian Forces Eagle Staff was created in 2002 as a symbol to unite Aboriginal CF members. The Staff is made up of eagle feathers, a narwhal tusk, an ash bow, and a moose antler representing First Nations, Métis, and Inuit members of the Canadian Armed Forces.