"Arte et Marte"
"By Skill and by Fighting"

RCEME Foundation

The RCEME Heritage and Museum Foundation (RCEME Foundation) is a registered charitable organization with the primary purpose of supporting programmes that recognize the rich history and traditions of the Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and is incorporated as a registered, Not-for-Profit organization. The RCEME Foundation solicits support from a wide range of Canadians, including serving and retired RCEME members, other private donors, and corporate as well as public sector sponsors. This financial support is used to fund a wide range of RCEME heritage and museum projects that include the operation of the RCEME Museum, museum facility improvements and expansion, the preservation of artifacts, and major Corps celebrations.

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  • Chairman Bob Fischer
  • Vice-Chairman Scott Kennedy
  • Secretary Ken Jones
  • Treasurer Jean Forget
  • Director Steve Poole
  • Director Malcolm Campbell
  • Director Daniel Roy
  • Director Guy Roy
  • Director Ryan Jestin
  • Director Charles Jansen
  • Director Peter Glynn
  • Director John Leggat
  • Director Pat Earles