"Arte et Marte"
"By Skill and by Fighting"


After almost two years of COVID restrictions, the RCEME museum in Kingston has reopened and the Museum Committee is planning its first significant event on Sat, 22 Oct 2022. This event will officially recognize the induction of the next cohort of “Leaders and Trailblazers” as well as officially launch the new Book of Remembrance (BoR) Kiosk, this joint RCEME Corps and Foundation event marks the beginning of several important digitization milestones for the RCEME Museum. We hope that the event will also rejuvenate interest in LAD 101 Kingston’s activities. The history of LAD 101 speaks for itself in terms of our Heritage; it needs our collective support. There will be much more info to follow…. meanwhile, please make a note of the date in your calendars!

Arte et Marte